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The effectiveness of people is crucial to the success of any organisation

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The effectiveness of people is crucial to the success of any organisation, and in the competition for talent, finding and developing leadership that can thrive is a defining issue. Individuals and businesses often fail in this respect, compounded by hiring processes that have not taken advantage of innovation within technology and data analytics.

To outline the problem is to highlight cultural diversity, operational, transformative and collective leadership shortcomings. More so, this is evidenced by failures in cultural awareness and adaptability as well as gaps in skills and knowledge, resulting in organisational tension and poor operational performance. 

As we scan across a broad range of industries, we see similar patterns – an abrupt displacement of employees, rapid technologic adoption and accelerated changes to business models and operations. Together, these changes require a dramatic shift and adjustment in human behaviour, bringing further questions relating to business organisation, set-up and performance. 

Therefore, it is no surprise that businesses and organisations are looking at how best to organise themselves to adapt to these once-in-a-generation changes. Some are pulling in to ride out the storm. Others are building out and taking decisive re-structuring decisions to embrace and adapt to these changes in the operating environment. However, the impact of these challenges is intrinsically connected to human capital performance and company leadership. Hence, the opportunity lies not in what individuals do next but in how business leaders respond to these challenges as a whole.

With that in mind - it's time to grow better, with a lens on talent that is more efficient, accurate and embraces authenticity, individualism and characteristics while architecting a foundation to ensure people are empowered for success!

IB x IG  Team


After the best part of a year in development, we are proud to introduce the founding team of inbeta. A revolutionary executive talent acquisition and leadership advisory business leveraging AI technology and outcome data to further a companies success and significantly de-risk an organisation from leadership failure.

Our work expands beyond the linear of executive search and people development; with a unique blend of service, technology, human science and outcome data, we can bridge the link between investments and results whilst alleviating the impact of bias. As research shows that the majority of organisations wish to hire more diversity, but the truth is, the more diversity you have, the more challenging it can be - and out of leadership hire failures; rarely is this down to the competence of the individual's skillset. Rather, poor cultural integration and a lack of transition management into the new roles.


 What we do


inbeta is committed to solving this and has incredible technology that allows you to acquire data and benchmark on potential recruits' fluid cultural dimensions to significantly increase your organisation's chances of getting the right talent by design.

We provide qualitative and independent quantitative validation to identify, attract and define talent in new ways that drive competitive advantage.


Enabling an organisation to improve hiring outcomes by:

1. Substantially accelerating the Time-to-Hire with an incredibly comprehensive global data set that demonstrates people through a new lens whilst de-risking against failure by amplifying cultural fluidity.

2. Enhancing an individual's performance within the first 100 days with included leadership development as part of the talent process, by design utilising the data sets we provide

3. Providing an independent, auditable, and measurable data set that promotes and validates diversity of thought, as well as gender and racial inclusion

4. Empowering an organisation to demonstrate full transparency of their people strategy while having the ability to dissect, influence and measure against or act upon their ESG/Board statements and Employer Brand.


How we do it


Leveraging AI-enabled technology, inbeta identifies, defines and acquires talent modelled on the most advanced aggregation of human science and outcome data within talent acquisition.

We analyse a variety of categories, including linguistics, cultural intelligence, operational, transformative and collective leadership, cognitive and metacognitive abilities, as well as health, wellbeing and medical due diligence.

Providing critical insights to the extent to which a person will be effective across Job Performance, Executive Potential, Team Learning, Creative Collaboration and more, the interpersonal flexibility to deal with individuals and situations from a diversity of backgrounds.

A data set that consolidates five data lakes resulting in defined outcomes of over a billion unique hiring markers, actively collating data across 17 countries, including the Fortune 500, Nasdaq, FTSE companies and growing every day.


The Outcome


We are able to provide a unique, comprehensive and equitable approach to talent. That is independently quantified: fair, impartial to assure all parties involved that the best person for the job is there on merit, embracing authenticity, individualism and diversity while building a foundation to ensure talent is design for success.


Get in touch for more information and let inbeta help empower your workforce and provide talent empowered.


James Nash

James is an executive headhunter that for over a decade, has been helping household brands and consumer businesses with operational and executive leadership appointments across the United Kingdom, Europe and Asia-Pacific. Acquiring the best talent by connecting the unlikely dots, championing divergent thinking, as well as gender and racial inclusion to drive and disrupt the status-quo.


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